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AI, Fast Food, and Other Related Topics

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Actual photograph, 0% AI.
Lens Ball atop a Plasma Ball - all photography, no AI.

AI is finally starting to make sense to me.

There is so much hullaballoo recently. Is Art Dead? Should all Graphic Designers pack up, go home and find a job at a fast-food restaurant? Is the world of blogging dead because of AI chat platforms.

I wonder why, when McDonalds first started, the 21 Club in New York didn't close its doors in panic? Why didn't San Francisco pull all the sourdough bread off the shelves in an admission of defeat? I'm amazed all the great chefs didn't pack up their expensive knives and cookware in defeat.

Basically, AI is to art, blogging, computer code, and etc. what fast-food is to cuisine. It's generic, off the shelf, unimaginative computer output and is pabulum from the unambitious. It is the solution for the our level of society's insatiable need for immediate gratification.

Want an image of geese flying in the sunset in the style of

Salvador Dali?

No problem, you don't need to understand art, composition, color, photography or anything. You don't even have to leave the monotony of your screen, just ask your computer to go steal some ideas from Dali images, and blend them with some art work or photographs made by true creatives. Then post it on your favorite social media site and convince the world you are a creative genius without even getting out of your pjs.

It doesn't take long to lose an appetite for fast-food. The mere presence of it makes a good home cooked, or any well prepared meal taste that much better. The same will be true with computer generated AI output, as the shine wears off the appetite and appreciation for true human creations will grow.

This post and related art work is 100% human created.

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