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The Fog of Christmas

Important decisions matter

Probably few decisions you make in life are more important than choosing the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. That is to say other than exposure and subject selection :-)

This Christmas started like so many others in the past. Sleep in a little, wake up happy and refreshed and kiss my companion of 30 years, Sherry, good morning. There were packages to be opened, breakfast to eat, and wonderful moments to share.

I looked at her and quietly said, I'm sorry, I've got to go

As Sherry walked in to the kitchen, I looked at her and quietly said, I'm leaving, I've got to go. She looked at me, for a moment, then shifted her eyes to look out the kitchen window. It was in that moment she grasped the reality of what I was saying. Sherry smiled and softly said have a good time, be careful.

What Sherry saw as she gazed out of our kitchen window was the fog of Christmas, literally.

It's been warm around Pueblo lately but a couple of days ago cooled from the 60s to the 30s. This morning it was 5 degrees, and when that happens, there is always a wall of fog hanging over Pueblo Reservoir. The calculation for Sherry was simple.

Fog + sunrise = the rapid exit of my camera with me in tow

Back to my point, the person with whom you choose to spend your life with matters. There was no fuss or discouragement just support. Have fun and be careful. With that I was gone.

I should have left earlier. It was already past the usual peak time for these events. As the sun rises, the fog can burn off very quickly. The thin layer of snow and on the roads this morning, while beautiful, served only to slow me down even more. The fog that had been outside the window and far up the road was all but gone.

As I turned the corner I realized it was game on

The elevation at our house is probably 50-100 feet higher than the water level down at the North Shore Marina so I had high hopes the fog would be patiently waiting for me. Just beyond the Lake Pueblo State Park entrance is the road to the west that heads straight down to the North Shore Marina and as I turned on to the road I saw the heavy fog and knew it was game on.

No more words

Other than wanting to reiterate the blessing that comes with a wonderful marriage, I leave you with this thought. Take the time to appreciate the world that's right outside your door, even on, or rather, especially on Christmas Day.

I hope my bride of 30 years these image were worth the hour I disappeared this Christmas Day,

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